Drop a glass size

The Outer Hebrides Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP) is encouraging people to think about how much they are drinking and to take easy steps to cut down.

The Alcohol Behaviour Change, a new Scottish Government campaign which is aimed at women, highlights the health benefits of breaking bad drinking habits and encourages making small changes such as having alcohol-free days and alternating alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or water.

A smartphone app which shows how alcohol can quicken the ageing process has been launched as part of the campaign to help encourage women to stay within the recommended alcohol limits. The app is available free on the campaigns website www.drinksmarter.org .

A Wine Guess Challenge is also available on the website to find out just how many units are in your daily tipple. You can also discover the advantages of dropping a Glass Size in 2012. So if cutting down your alcohol intake sounds like something that would benefit you, then why not think about finding other ways to unwind and reward yourself.

ADP Chair, Chief Inspector Gordon Macleod, said: “The Outer Hebrides ADP encourages everyone to think seriously about how much they drink. The positive impact that even a small reduction may have on their health and well being cannot be ignored. The smartphone app shows the stark reality of how one’s appearance alters as a direct result of increased alcohol intake and will no doubt shock many.”

We should all aim for at least two alcohol-free days a week so treat yourself in another way for example by taking an exercise class, going out for a walk, having a soak in the bath, or having a soft drink instead. Whatever you choose to do making small changes to your drinking habits now could not only make you look and feel better, it could also help you improve your long term health. As well as the drinking time machine app there are lots of other online tools, information and resources at www.drinksmarter.org that can help keep you on track.

By reducing how much and how often you enjoy a drink, you could really help your health.

Visit www.drinksmarter.org for:

• The Wine Guess Challenge

• A free downloadable Drinking Time Machine ageing app for smart phones

• The Drop a Glass Size tool

• Unit calculator

• Responsible drinking tips

Also visit the Outer Hebrides Alcohol & Drug Partnership on 01851701545 or visit our website www.outerhebadp.co.uk for further information and details of local alcohol and drug support services.