Facebook chat on ‘legal highs’ reaches almost 14,000 people

A FACEBOOK chat on the topic of ‘legal highs’ held by Police Scotland and NHS Highland on Tuesday evening, (June 4th), was heralded a resounding success, reaching almost 14,000 people.

Detective Inspector Brian Mackay, Karen Carson (NHS Highland), Dr Duncan Stewart and Dr David Gordon attended the event, chatting with the public and answering questions about psychoactive substances, commonly known as ‘legal highs’.

There were a total of 129 comments and the chat had an audience of 13,840 people.

Detective Inspector Brian Mackay said: “The content of ‘legal highs’ may contain controlled substances and those found in possession of them are liable to have them seized and tested.

“The contents, on occasion, can be found to contain controlled drugs. Police have powers to seize substances and test them and the individual could end up with a criminal record.”

He added: “The term ‘legal high’ has been adopted by users for such substances, however it does not mean that the contents are not illegal.

“They are clearly marked “not for human consumption”. ‘Legal’ does not mean safe.”

Karen Carson, NHS Highland commented: “It is difficult to know how best to treat a person when we are not sure what substance they have taken. We can only treat the presenting symptoms, which can range from acute pyschosis to heart attacks and strokes.

“We are attempting to raise awareness and provide education so that folks are aware of the risks associated with NPSs (Novel Psychoative Substances). Some useful websites to get more information are www.talktofrank.com; www.crew2000.org.uk and


Karen added: “We hope everyone going to RockNess this weekend has a really good time. We would urge you all to take care, keep yourself and your friends safe.

“Remember, combining alcohol and drugs is particularly risky. If you or anyone else is feeling unwell seek medical attention immediately.”

Detective Inspector Mackay concluded: “At the end of the day we are here to keep people safe. If our advice gets through to some people, it could contribute to saving some lives.”

Anyone can see still the Facebook chat by logging on to the Police Scotland Highlands and Islands Facebook page at www.facebook.com/northern.constabulary