First Gaelic Rap video for Bi Beo

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NORTH Uist Gaelic group Bi Beo – not quite strangers to mild controversy – have made modern steps for the traditional language by posting a Gaelic rap video (with English subtitles) online.

The track ‘Air Chall’ (Lost) tackles the theme of alcoholism and the destructive effect on peoples lives.

The band have been quietly getting on with playing gigs at home and abroad for a number of years and have two albums out with new songs entirely in Gaelic.

A third album is ready to record.

Speaking of the ‘Air Chall’ video, Bi Beo say: “This is certainly the first rap video in the Gaelic language and it show the versatility and potential of moving the language into new modes of expression.”

This year the band – who most recently performed their first show in London – will be playing mainland gigs across the UK and abroad in Holland and Iceland.

Their live sets are varied with moments of tenderness, but the overall direction of the band is towards the wildness and the aim is always to get everyone up dancing.

A contemporary and original band performing and recording new songs entirely in Gaelic, the video ‘Air Chall’ displays only one aspect of their musical style – the London gig and international following Bi Beo have built up via the internet confirms their wide appeal in the World Music genre while maintaining a true respect for the subjects of Island life and times.

To view the ‘Air Chall’ video, visit