Four bands for free next Friday

A NIGHT of top-notch home grown original rock from four local bands – for free, you say!

That’s exactly what’s on offer next Friday (March 15th) at Stornoway Golf Club when taking to the stage will be Pandejo, A Promise To No One, Stuttgart Traffic and the one and only Dun Ringles.

The Golf Club gig has been organised by Pandejo, keen to not only perform their own original music, but also offer island music lovers a chance to check out the thriving local scene, to find out what’s happening on their own doorsteps – and possibly regularly.

“We missed out on the whole ‘Kiss N’ Kill’ period, which was a brilliant opportunity for bands at the time,” said Pandejo’s Brian ‘Monty’ Montgomery, “So hopefully this could be the start of a similar night out for all.

“In the last year or so we’ve been working on our own tunes, and you can slip one or two into your set on a Saturday night in the pubs or parties, but people really want to hear songs they know when they’re out, and we’re dying to play just our own songs,” he continued.

“We asked around and our pals in Dun Ringles, Stuttgart Traffic and A Promise To No One all said yes, so in our eyes there is nothing to lose, so why not?”

Monty added: “It’s a group effort really, Iain ‘Boozy’ at The Golf Club is more than happy to offer the venue, so hopefully there’s folks out there that fancy a Friday night out, with live music, all for FREE! No entry fee!”

Certainly looking forward to the night are Lewis music-makers Dun Ringles who, now in their 21st year performing together, have been delighted by the increase in local original music.

“It’s hard to believe this is us in our 21st year,” said the band’s Iain Watson. “We’ve seen a real upsurge in local bands over the last few years and it’s great to see so many different styles of music getting performed around the town.

“It’s also very encouraging to see local bands writing their own songs – there’s definitely a growing confidence for people to put pen to paper and come up with a catchy tune.”

He continued: “This night is a great way to get original songs heard and we were chuffed to be asked to take part. We usually only do three or four gigs a year, and normally acoustic sets, so it’s nice getting a chance to plug in and be loud.

“We’re looking forward to hearing the original music of the other three bands. We’re just hoping none of them try to muscle in on our territory and start writing songs about tractors and peatstacks!”