Freestyle beard growing for Western Isles charity

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Twenty-four employees at the Arnish yard, near Stornoway are growing their beards to raise as much money as possible for local charity Bethesda Hospice in their ‘Beards for Bethesda’ fundraiser.

The lads arrived for work on January 5th as clean shaven as possible, and will be ‘growing’ until February 5th, with a week of ‘free-style’ sprouting before the end of the challenge on February 12th. Talking about their motives for doing the fundraiser, Hugh Barron said: “We decided to raise money for Bethesda because at one time or another most of us has had a relative or friend that has had some contact with Bethesda, and what they do all year to raise money for such a worthy cause, well this is the least we can give back.

“Our target is to try and raise £100 each - anymore would be great. There is also the ‘Just Giving’ web site ‘Beards for Bethesda’ where anyone can donate to us.”

Explaining the free-style section he added: “The free styling part is after four weeks of full growth the guys can choose a beard style of their own for the 5th and last week, with the whole beard idea for some to sacrifice their good looks and others to cover up their pug ugliness, just a bit of a laugh really.”

As well as the website those taking part also have donation/sponsor sheets to make it as easy as possible for the public to donate.