Fringe performers want to hear your stories about death

The Dead Man's Waltz
The Dead Man's Waltz

A group of musicians, writers, film-makers and artists are asking members of the public to share with them their stories stories about death and dying, as part of a performance at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Hailing from the Isle of Skye, the artists involved – The Dead Man’s Waltz – are asking if the public are willing to submit either an anecdote about death, a myth or tale they have heard, their thoughts, fears or just a nugget of wisdom.

Material sent in might be read out, manipulated, set to music or just shared on the website as part of an ongoing discussion – people submitting their stories and thoughts can do so anonymously if they wish, and as always with story-telling, truth is optional.

Telling your story couldn’t be easier – just click here to type it in:

Story’s End is an investigation into the role death plays in story-telling, and also the influence that story-telling has over our thinking about death.

It is a body of work including music and song, moving image and spoken word that is dark and thought provoking, but also irreverent and full of surprises.

The show, entitled Story’s End, will be on at The Anatomy Theatre in Summerhall at 11.30pm from August 14th to 18th and is part of the Made In Scotland 2013 showcase.

The project is being led by folk-noir pioneers The Dead Man’s Waltz and includes work by BAFTA nominated Johnny Barrington, award winning author Hal Duncan, and visual art by Kate McMorrine, Cat Ingall and Mark Weallans.