Fun in the Snow

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The Gazette has gathered quite a few fun and cute pictures courtesy of the December snow fall.

So if you took some great snaps during the cold snap and captured some beautiful scenes, cute images or just fun family times why not enter our ‘Fun in the Snow’ competition.

Send us your snow themed pictures and share the fun and beauty with all the Gazette readers.

There will be a special £100 prize for the best snow themed picture you can dream up before the end of February 2011.

The competition is open to all ages with the Editor’s choice claiming the prize.

Pictures will be featured in the Stornoway Gazette or on its website.

north bragar snow scene by Nathaniel Mackay

north bragar snow scene by Nathaniel Mackay

Send your picture with your name, address and daytime contact details to:

Picture size should be at least 500KB for publication.