Gaelic family centres

Neart na Gaidhlig intends to bring together all the elements needed to establish full time, six days per week Gaelic Family Centres all over Scotland the purpose of which is to enable a good number of adults and in particular parents, to speaking conversational Gaelic in the shortest time frame possible, in Stirling, Edinburgh, West & East Lothian, South Fife, Aberdeen, Perth, North Lanarkshire, North & South Ayrshire etc.

In addition, it is also believed that having children, as young as possible, learning Gaelic, from both parents and grandparents, is a most desirable objective.

Such a plan is likely to have a greater chance of success if there is a Gaelic Family Centre playing a fundamental role in the proceedings.

Central to the whole endeavour are single adults, couples, prospective and expectant parents, those already parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, plus any other adult interested in the Gaelic language and culture.

Apart from being a significant catalyst in full time job creation, another key feature of a Gaelic Family Centre will be the special Gaelic acquisition courses that will offer appropriate Gaelic language to both parents and grandparents; the Gaelic will range from speaking to a new born baby right through to mature adults engaged in highly developed conversation, not only in the home, but out and about in the wider community and in a variety of social situations.

A last, but no less than important feature of each Gaelic Family Centre, is that they can offer up to 500 adults a quality and comprehensive service that is affordable to most people; highly pertinent if one wants their whole family to partake of what is a unique opportunity in Gaelic use and acquisition.

If you feel a Gaelic Family Centre, would fit in very well with you and your family’s lifestyle, contact Finlay Macleod at or telephone 01542-836322 or 07789-826934 at the Moray Language Centre.