Gazette Letters - BBC bias

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The BBC is guilty of bias in its recent coverage of the DUP’s beliefs and is breaching its Royal Charter requirement to be impartial.

The BBC is funded by public licence fee and is acting with massive liberal bias.

It is flagrantly breaching its Royal Charter which says the first purpose of the BBC is “to provide impartial news and information” and output “championing freedom of expression”.

Millions of people in the UK oppose same-sex marriage and this view is worthy of respect in a democratic society.

The BBC is using its dominant media position to suppress free speech about the definition of marriage.

The BBC has completely failed to provide any coverage presenting the DUP position on marriage and abortion in a balanced positive light.

The fourth purpose in the BBC’s Royal Charter is “to reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all of the United Kingdom’s nations and regions”. Many people in Northern Ireland, from both sides of the community, and throughout the UK, support the DUP’s social policies.

The BBC must be unbiased in its reporting and present the news and views of people in a fair manner which it is certainly not doing at present and has not been doing for a long time.

Angus Macmillan

Isle of Lewis