Gazette Letters - Snubbing God

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Astonishingly, in open defiance of Almighty God, the leaders of The Scottish Episcopal Church have redefined the sacrament of marriage in order to solemnise same-sex marriages in church in The Sight of God. They succeeded by just ONE vote, leaving the SEC divided, derailed, despoiled, despairing and in disarray.

80% of the Bishops have set their own authority above God’s, overruling Him, profaning His Word, defying His Truth and His Authority, declaring them culture-bound, finite, and outmoded. They have insulted God, taught falsely, led The Church into disrepute and broken their ordination vows. Classic apostasy.

They fail to observe that even by their own standards, their delusion is absurd. During Jesus’ time on earth, every conceivable version of gender and sexual activity was already common-place, universally known about and well understood by ordinary people. Confirm with Anthropological and Classical records if you will.

Then there’s the other wee issue they have brushed under the carpet – the monumental insolence of presuming that neither Jesus Christ, nor God The Father, nor The Holy Spirit was up to speed with 1st Century culture, let alone capable of figuring out what the future would hold. So Almighty God didn’t realise He’d got it all wrong? That wiser and better answers than His would dawn with the all-knowing Third Millennium? All-knowing, that is, if you are an impertinent bishop.

One might or might not be homosexual, bisexual, trans-sexual, trans-gender, multi-gender, androgynous-non-binary or gender-denying. One might or might not be sufficiently blasphemous to assert that defying God is legitimate. One might or might not be delighted that The Scottish Government has approved the notion of same-sex marriage. True Christians of all orientations know that they cannot challenge or flout God’s Immutable Authority or pretend to retro-programme God into approving what He has never authorised.

Christians believe that Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ lived on this earth, fully God and fully Man, that He was sent by God The Father in propitiation for our sins, and that His Truth is utterly dependable and unchanging. Christianity is built upon the permanent rock of His everlasting and immutable Authority, not the shifting sands of revisionist cant.

Dare our leaders plead ignorance? Or is this something much worse? When we sing ‘Oh Thou WHO CHANGEST NOT, abide with me’, do we mean it or not? Clearly the bishops don’t. Our bishop will have the opportunity to explain when he graces us with his presence this Autumn. We are looking forward to that.

My beloved mother was a Baptist. My equally beloved father was a provincial Secretary of the LDOS (now Day One), my uncle was a world-famous theologian and Dean of Liverpool, my cousins were missionaries and my great-aunts were farmers. Feel free to consider all Christians deluded if you wish, but if they were not already in Heaven as I believe they are, every one of these devout and wonderful people would be turning in their graves to know that those who have sworn to guard the sacred tenets of Christ’s Holy Church (or at least the SEC’s tiny corner of it) have broken their ordination vows by denying the eternal, unshakeable authority of God and inciting their charges to heresy. But what would I know? I’m not a vaunted celebrity Bishop, but merely an insignificant rank and file Tractarian who weeps as the SEC’s vandal leaders attack the pillars of the temple with the wrecking-ball of cheap God-defying popularism. All I know is God’s eternal Truth, His Word, His Authority, what He ordained and why He endures and never changes. There’s a superb Book about that, ken; over 6 Billion sold, and recommended reading, particularly for wayward Bishops:

Luke 6:26; John 1:1; Acts 20:30; 2 Timothy 4:3; Titus 1:16; Hebrews 13:8; James 1:17 2Peter 1:20; 2Peter 2:1; 2Peter 3:17; 1John 4:1; Isaiah 40:8; Psalm 33:11; Malachi 3:6; Revelation 22:13;

Is there a word to describe those who knowingly incite their flocks to heresy?

Where do we go now?

Peter George,