Gift Aid helps Blythswood help others


North-based charity Blythswood Care has claimed Gift Aid on a motor-home donated by supporters last year and tax recovered on the vehicle, which sold for nearly £10,000, met three quarters of the cost of sending a lorry load of Christmas shoeboxes from the Highlands and Islands to Eastern Europe.

Blythswood’s operations manager Ian Matheson commented that while most people who give regularly to charity understand the benefits of Gift Aid on cash donations, they may not realise that they can Gift Aid donated items too.

“The Gift Aid Scheme can add 25p to every £1 in value of your donation,” explained Ian.

“The motor-home was an unusual example because it was such a big item. But many more people could help us in this way. For example, if you donate a dining table to Blythswood which we then sell for £100 in one of our shops, we can collected another £25 from HMRC if this item has been donated under the Blythswood’s Gift Aid scheme.

“It is worthwhile for many donated items such as sofas, tables, beds and mattresses.”

Last winter, Blythswood’s Shoe Box Appeal produced 121,000 gift boxes for distribution to people living in poverty in Easter Europe and Asia.