Harris artist wowing guest at Glasgow arts hotel

A NEW luxury arts hotel in the heart of Glasgow is wowing guests with its striking images of Lewis and Harris.

Grasshoppers Glasgow, a new penthouse hotel overlooking the city’s Central Station, is showcasing works by former Buzzcocks drummer John Maher, now a Harris based photographer – one of a series of artists promoted by the hotel.

Three of Maher’s evocative photographs are now currently one display – two of ruined Sheilings at Cuishader, Ness on Lewis, and another of a derelict stone house in Manish, Harris.

Maher himself recently stayed as a guest at the hotel and said: “I think it’s wonderful that a hotel in the centre of Glasgow is choosing to showcase images of Lewis and Harris to its UK and international guests.

“I was delighted when they asked if I would like to display some of my prints at Grasshoppers. It’s great exposure for the Western Isles. And having stayed at Grasshoppers myself, it’s good to see a Scottish hotel showcasing Scottish art in a way that reaches such a diverse audience.”

Hotelier Barrie Munn hopes that Maher’s works will not only appeal to guests, but also encourage visitors to explore the Western Isles.

“It’s fitting that we should showcase artists from across the country at Grasshoppers because Glasgow is very much a gateway to the rest of Scotland, and has such a strong affinity with the Western Isles,” he said. “We have an opportunity to promote Scottish artistic talent to guests from across the UK, Europe and beyond.

“Our art displays have become something of a talking point for guests, particularly John’s stunning night-time images of Lewis and Harris. When we explain that they’re the work of former Buzzcocks drummer, now living in Harris, they’re amazed!”

Grasshoppers Glasgow, a 30 bedroom boutique hotel, is located on the sixth floor of the city’s historic Caledonian Chambers building, overlooking Central Station and built by celebrated Glasgow architect James Miller, the visionary behind many of Glasgow’s best loved buildings.