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SO, who is the performing artiste who will be arriving early in order to meet people and see a bit of Stornoway and beyond? Eddi Reader.

She told us: “I asked (famous folksinger) Hamish Imlach if he had any advice for performing for an audience.

“He told me to go to a venue before the day of performance and get to know the people there. Have a drink with them and talk with them, then when you get up to perform in front of them it’s like singing for friends rather than a room full of strangers.”

Eddi will be playing in the main arena on the Friday of the festival, but expect to see her out and about town before then. Another festival artiste who likes Eddi’s approach is Jon Ouin (pronounced Owen) of the band Stornoway.

On hearing Eddi’s anecdote about playing to an audience, he said: “I totally agree with that. We like to get to know the area and the people we’re playing for too, it can make such a difference.” Stornoway have just finished playing at Glastonbury and are looking forward to adding HebCelt to their list of achievements (including being the first unsigned band to be invited onto ‘Later with Jools Holland’).

Said Jon: “We are so looking forward to playing the HebCelt. We enjoy playing smaller, intimate shows, but we also love performing for the big festival audiences.

“When we played on the Jools Holland show it was a bit surreal to see people like Norah Jones and Jay-Z enjoying our set, but equally, we enjoyed the response we got at Glastonbury.”

Stornoway will be playing the main arena on the Thursday of the festival. Tomorrow, we will bring you insider info on which artiste is talking about performing naked whilst fire-swallowing!