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WITH 2011 being the year of Scotland’s Islands and the second stage at HebCelt, it is fitting that the ‘Big Blue’ is adorned with flags that represent some of Scotland’s island groups.

Visitors to the main arena will see the flags on top of the main marquee which represent Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands and Western Isles, and the latter is the highest flag of the trio.

The Hebrides flag is awaiting final accreditation from the Lord Lyon, and is the newest of the flags on display.

The blue background with white cross comes from Shetland Islands and although designed in 1969, accreditation was not sought until the Island Games of 2005.

The red background with yellow and blue crosses is the flag of Orkney Islands and was accredited in 2007.

More news tomorrow about the festival ‘pushing the boat out’ on Saturday night!