Hebrides - Islands On The Edge to provide significant boost in Year of Natural Scotland


A new television programme is set to shine a spotlight on some of Scotland’s amazing natural landscapes and wildlife in a new four part documentary Hebrides - Islands On The Edge

The series, which is narrated by Scottish film-star Ewan McGregor, delivers a compelling portrait of a year in the Inner and Outer Hebrides highlighting the animals and people that call these stunning isles home.

It follows in the footsteps of other programmes which have helped to significantly boost tourism in the region. This includes Island Parish, which was set on Barra and saw the local VisitScotland Information Centre’s footfall rise by 10%. Children’s programme, Balamory which was set in Tobermory on Mull, saw Calmac’s carrying figures go up by as much 15.5% during the peak of its popularity.

VisitScotland has already utilised some of the spectacular HD footage filmed by the series maker Nigel Pope, within their Year of Natural Scotland television adverts which have been shown on television networks across the globe.

Locations included within the series include Islay, Mull, Tiree, Coll, Barra, Lewis, Uists, Isle of Rum, Isle of Skye and many more of the smaller islands on the West Coast of Scotland.

Mike Cantlay, Chairman of VisitScotland, said: “This documentary shows our beautiful landscapes and wildlife in all of their majestic glory and offers a fantastic opportunity for the tourism industry in these regions, and a golden chance to promote the Year of Natural Scotland.

“We’ve already worked closely with the producers to include scenes in our advertisements, which have been shown to millions across the UK, North America and Europe - and this documentary will continue to promote Scotland’s landscapes, its wildlife and people in a magical light.

“Our research shows that one in five visitors are influenced by seeing depictions of Scotland on film or television, so magnificent exposure such as this can only be a great thing.”

The Year of Natural Scotland 2013 provides visitors with the ideal opportunity to become immersed in all things Scottish, from the rugged scenery of the Highlands and the splendour of the national parks, to the freshness of the natural larders and the warm welcome from people who passionately care about this wild land.