Help save An Sulaire

The traditional sgoth An Sulaire
The traditional sgoth An Sulaire

In a bid to save the iconic Sgoth Niseach ‘An Sulaire’ from ‘a premature death’, the An Sulaire Trust have set up a PayPal account through which donations to the charity can be easily and safely made using the email address

Trust Secretary, Amanda Darling, said:” We are trying to save the boat from a premature death.

“She is currently in Ullapool currently being repaired by Mark Stockl and we would be very, very appreciative of any donations our members would consider giving us. “We are trying to raise £2000 by July and £5000 by September,” Amanda continued. “Last year was not a very successful one with all our money being spent on the repairs, but this year’s committee are focussed and experienced and art trying to raise the money needed by all means.

“This is why we are having to resort to asking for donations! Please give generously to preserve this living piece of history.”

An Sulaire was the first of her kind to be built in over 75 years by master builder John Murdo MacLeod, who used the knowledge and skills learnt from his father and grandfather.

Constructed by hand, An Sulaire is a full-sized true replica of the traditional island fishing boats used around the late 19th, early 20th centuries known as Sgoth Niseach (Ness boats) after the area in Lewis where there were commonly built.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the An Sulaire Trust, please email And all current members are asked to ensure that they have emailed this new address to confirm their membership.

And to find out more about the An Sulaire Trust, visit