HHP help launch Social Housing low carbon heating systems competition

A £10 MILLION scheme aimed at getting low carbon forms of heating like biomass boilers, solar hot water panels and heat pumps into the homes of social housing tenants across Great Britain opens to applications this week.

Following the success of the first social landlord competition under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme last year – of which island landlord Hebridean Housing Partnership benefited – DECC has now launched a bigger and better second round.

The amount of money available has increased from £3million to £10million, with more time for social landlords to apply.

Registered providers for social housing such as local authorities and social housing associations will be able to bid for up to around £175,000 each.

Launching the scheme, Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: “Last year our low carbon heating scheme for social landlords helped nearly 1,000 householders stay warm and reap the benefits of clean, green heat.

“This year we have increased the cash available, which will help even more people move away from expensive old heating systems to low carbon more sustainable alternatives.”

George Lonie, Chair of the Hebridean Housing Partnership (HHP), a previous social landlord winner, said: “I am delighted that HHP have been recognised on the national stage for the work we are doing in trying to combat the significant challenge of fuel poverty in the Western Isles.

“The award of £175k from DECC enabled HHP to install 28 Air Source Heat Pumps which has made a considerable difference to people’s lives and has contributed to lifting some of our tenants out of fuel poverty.

“The funding has also enabled HHP to install energy display devices to enable both tenants and HHP to monitor household electricity costs. This information along with tenant feedback on the heating systems will provide invaluable advice to HHP as we install further renewable heating systems in our properties.”

Mr Lonie added: “We are also delighted to be able to assist DECC in the launch of the next round of funding for the RHPP social landlord competition.”