Holiday weekend advice from NHS 24

SCOTLAND’S national telehealth service is urging people in the Western Isles to plan ahead for the holiday weekend, as part of its Be Ready for Summer campaign.

NHS 24 will be working with NHS Western Isles during the Diamond Jubilee holiday celebrations, when many GP surgeries will be closed for four days, to ensure that patients receive appropriate care when they need it.

NHS 24 Medical Director Professor George Crooks said taking a few simple steps to safeguard your own and your family’s health would ensure people could make the most of the holiday weekend.

He said: “I would urge people in the Western Isles to be aware of their GP surgery opening times and make sure they order and collect any necessary repeat prescriptions in plenty of time. Local pharmacies are also a good source of advice and information.

“With the prospect of people attending barbecues and Diamond Jubilee street parties over the weekend, I would also advise people to stay safe and healthy while spending time out in the sun. Apply plenty of sunscreen frequently, keep babies covered up in the shade and make sure children stay away from barbecues and hot cooking equipment.

“Be sensible and remember to always wash your hands before and after handling food. Keep food covered and throw away any food that has been sitting outside for more than four hours. Use plastic glasses if you’re outside and always have a first aid box handy in case of any minor incidents. And, above all, enjoy the holiday weekend.”

NHS Western Isles Medical Director, Dr James Ward, added: “We would urge people in the Western Isles to be prepared for the Diamond Jubilee holiday weekend by having enough repeat medication and some simple home remedies at home to deal with any common illness that may strike.

“It is important to plan ahead for any required repeat prescriptions over the holiday weekend, so please order and collect in good time.”

There is also a wide range of advice and information on summer health issues available at: website with sections dedicated to sunburn, heatstroke, allergies and hay fever. Users can also search the common health questions’ section for advice on staying healthy during the summer months.