Holyrood candidates in radio hustings

Local community radio station, Isles FM is broadcasting a live election debate with all four Holyrood candidates standing in the Isles.

The programme starts at 5pm and is expected to run for at least an hour.

Presenter Iain Maciver, who will chair the debate, said: “At the start of the show, each candidate will get three minutes to tell us in their own words what they are about and why they deserve your vote.

“I will have my own questions for them and listeners too will be able to call in with questions during the broadcast and we will try to get through as many as we can.”

He said that the radio station had in the past found that an hour was too short to consider the issues that listeners wanted to discuss so the debate may stay on the air longer than an hour depending on how the debate goes. The phone-in number during the show is 01851 703333.

The debate will be broadcast live on 103 FM and on the internet at www.isles.fm. Select ‘Tune In Now’.