Home made musical recipe for charity gig

MIX Harris rockers Her Voice Resides with the cheeky chappies of Catch 22, combine with the nicely ageing ingredients of old-school Fuzzy Duckers and stir in a subtle portion of Our Small Capital plus a drop of Open Day Rotation. Mellow intensely over a couple of months before placing a cherry on the top and the result: The Superunknowns!

A Help for Heroes fundraising gig next Friday (December 16) is set to witnesses a show like never before as a collection of some of the islands’ finest musical talents combine to create, well, as yet, the unknown. But they say it will be super!

Iain A MacSween, singer/songwriter of Her Voice Resides and singer with Kroftwerk, along with HVR bandmate Dave Young, Catch 22’s Bobby MacLeod, David ‘Doily’ Macdonald and Chris Martin of Our Small Capital, Fuzzy Duck and Open Day Rotation are joining forces for the Merry Rockmas show.

And the cherry on top of this musical mix? The one and only Open Day Rotation sensation Fiona ‘Chasm’ Mackenzie of course!

“We’ve often spoken about getting together in one guise or another just to see what the sound would be like when you put everyone’s unique music style in the mix,” says Iain A.

“We’ve all been to umpteen of each other’s gigs over the years, but the thought of actually coming together and joining forces was something that intrigued us all.”

There may have been talk but action was slow until Bobby grabbed the bull by the horns earlier this year and approached his fellow music makers.

“For the type of material there was only one voice who could do it – Iain A,” says the project’s architect.

“I knew that time would be precious and whoever else played had to be ready to go from day one. Step up Dave Young – drummer extraordinare and meticulous in his preparation for any project. I knew I could rely on Dave 100 per cent as the backbone of the group.

“Chris Martin I had only heard of by reputation and didn’t know him,” he continues. “But part of my motivation was to put players who hadn’t been together in the same room and create interest for them too rather than just bashing out a few covers.

“Chris was asked and immediately agreed. I think he is still amazed that finally after all these years he is getting to play a few AC/DC covers!

“Doily is, as someone put it, ‘an enigma’ – immersed in guitar and all it produces. Finally Fiona Mackenzie, who I had heard sing and thought was incredible, came on board after overhearing Chris and I chatting about the gig and saying she’d love to be involved!

“So Fiona steps out of her ‘comfort zone’ to sing Adele amongst others and I promise you, you are in for a treat,” Bobby adds.

Iain expands that although the gig was organised to coincide with the Council Christmas night out, it is open to anyone.

And it’s hoped that plenty take up the one-night-only invite to help raise as much money as possible for the Help for Heroes charity.

“As Bobby is ex-military, Help for Heroes was his charity of choice,” explains Iain A. “They do an amazing job without really getting that much recognition, so we feel we are doing something worthwhile.”

There is a question to be asked however - with a smorgasbord of differing musical influences and tastes flowing freely, what sort of set list will this supergroup play?

“Hopefully there’s something for everyone in there, provided you aren’t looking for hip-hop or ceilidh music,” chuckles Iain A.

Indeed the repertoire proves to be as eclectic as those performing – covers of classic rock anthems, ranging from AC/DC and Guns n Roses, to the Chillis, U2 and the Foo Fighters, combined with old classics such as Bad Company and Cheap Trick, as well as slower numbers by Aerosmith and The Eagles.

It sounds like a cracking night out, but there’s even more as singer/songwriter Lewis lad Sean Harrison will be making a ‘cameo appearance’, and Wee Studio’s Keith Morrison, as well as providing the PA and technical support, will be spinning the decks during band breaks.

Iain A adds: “At the end of the day, it’s all about fun, making music with friends and satisfying a curiosity we’ve long had about what it would sound like if we ever did all come together for a one-off show.

“No one’s taking it too seriously, but we’ll still aim to put on a performance to remember, and hopefully raise some money for charity along the way.”

The Help for Heroes fundraising ‘Merry Rockmas’ night out featuring, for one night only, The Superunknowns, will take place at Stornoway Golf Club on Friday, December 16, from 9.30pm to 1am.

Tickets, priced £5.00, will be available from Delights Delicatessen, Stornoway, from Monday, December 12.

Some tickets will also be available to purchase on the door on the night, on a first-come, first-served basis.

And to find out more about Help for Heroes, visit www.helpforheroes.org.uk