Five simple ways to refresh your home's interior

Soft textures can help to make a space cosy (photo: @adamchamberspandd)Soft textures can help to make a space cosy (photo: @adamchamberspandd)
Soft textures can help to make a space cosy (photo: @adamchamberspandd)

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Reimagining your home space can feel dauting but may actually be simpler – and cheaper –than you think. Here’s how to create the ultimate sanctuary using colour, texture and lighting.

Interior trends appear to be already changing this early in the year.

“We are actually seeing a shift away from muted colours as we begin 2023,” said Johanna Constantinou, brand manager at carpet and flooring experts, Tapi.

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"Customers are bored with grey and really becoming adventurous with colour, which is lovely to see.”

“We’re seeing customers become more confident with coloured carpet too, particularly deep blues, reds and greens.

"As well as this, herringbone patterns in luxury vinyl, vinyl and engineered wood are in higher demand. This flooring is a good way to add pattern and dimension without compromising the natural wood look.”

Botanical patterns are also expected to dominate interior design.

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Plants are the perfect way to breathe life into any space as they add a pop of colour and nature to provide that calming, refreshing atmosphere in the home.

Tapi has partnered with interiors therapist, Suzanne Roynon, to share five ways to refresh your home:

1. Let go of clutter and anything with negative memories

Getting rid of anything you don’t use not only makes your space look bigger and tidier overall, but can also make you feel mentally refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

2. Let in fresh air and natural light

Letting in natural light can bring a wealth of benefits to you and your home decor.

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“Open the curtains and blinds as soon as you wake up and open the windows, even if just for a couple of minutes, to boost oxygen levels,” said Suzanne.

"Check in corners, around ceilings and skirtings for cobwebs. These spider havens are pockets of stagnant energy which can be revitalised with a flick of a feather duster.”

3. Inject your personality with exciting colours

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, some botanical wallpaper or simply adding cushions and throws in warm tones, including colours that make you feel good is a great way to bring life back into your home.

If you want to go bold, consider fitting brightly coloured carpet into your living space.

4. Make the space cosy with soft textures

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Adding comforting touches, such as a fluffy cushion on a plush chair, a chunky knitted throw on the sofa, or a cosy rug in front of the TV, can remind you your home is a space where you can wind down, as well as being somewhere to achieve new goals.

Soft textures may include velvets, fluffy fabrics or knit.

5. Feel-good lighting makes all the difference

Without the cosiness of warm festive lightning, your space can feel a little lacklustre.

Retain those warm festive feelings throughout the year through strategic lighting.

You could also put your warm Christmas string-lights around your TV stand, bookshelves, mantelpiece or wrapped around railings.

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Candles can provide small bursts of warming light; add these in varying heights.

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