Top 10 essential jobs to do in the garden this December

There are essential jobs to do in the garden this DecemberThere are essential jobs to do in the garden this December
There are essential jobs to do in the garden this December
The experts at have put together their list of ten gardening tasks to do this December.

While December may be a quieter month for gardeners, there are still plenty of jobs to be getting on with and preparations ahead of 2023.

Among the tasks are putting food out for the birds, protecting pots and plants and looking after the lawn.

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Chris Bonnett from said: “December may be a month to kick back and enjoy the festive celebrations but there’s still work to be done in the garden.

“It’s a good time to get on top of all those jobs you’ve been putting off like cleaning garden tools and storing away items like hoses and sprinklers.

“Other important jobs include protecting pots and tender plants ahead of cold weather and feeding the birds and other wildlife coming into the garden.”

Here are’s December gardening jobs:

Feeding the birds

Stock up on bird seed, hang up your bird feeders and make sure there’s plenty of fresh water for any birds visiting your garden over the colder months.

Protecting pots

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If you have terracotta pots in the garden that could crack in freezing weather, wrap them in bubble wrap or put them somewhere warmer. If you have pots dotted around the garden, group them together on a sheltered spot.

Protect tender plants

Protect any tender or young plants in the garden. You can surround them with straw to provide a wintery blanket or wrap them in protective fleece. Alternatively, bring the inside away from the harsh weather.

Storing garden equipment

Store away your hose to stop it freezing and splitting in the cold weather and give your garden tools a good clean down so they're ready to use in the Spring. If you still have garden furniture out, it's worth storing this away or covering up.


December's a good time to start pruning fruit trees, although avoid touching stone fruits. These are better pruned in the warmer months. Wisteria and Japanese Maples are also worth pruning now.

Harvest winter veg

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Harvest any remaining winter veg and store somewhere cool and away from damp to enjoy during the winter.

Prepare the soil

Dig over the bare soil if you get a chance and clear away any weeds or debris. This important prep will mean your soil’s in the best possible condition when the weather warms up.

Take cuttings

Hardwood cuttings are best taken now during the dormant season. Ideal if you want to take cuttings from fruit trees, climbers and shrubs.

Look after your lawn

If it’s snowy or frosty, avoid walking on your lawn - this can damage the grass. Try and keep it clear of leaves and spike with a fork to improve drainage.

Plan for 2023

If it really is too cold and wet to get out into the garden, December is a great time to start planning and ordering any new plants or bulbs.

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