Ways to save on your bills with improved insulation

Use these tips to save on your bills (photo: adobe)Use these tips to save on your bills (photo: adobe)
Use these tips to save on your bills (photo: adobe)
The penny pinching pros from Net Voucher Codes are sharing their top tips on how to reduce heat loss in the home ahead of the chilly months.

Simple changes like sealing up openings and investing in draught excluders can help keep the home warmer for longer.

Here are some tips for improving home insulation

Increase loft insulation

A quarter of a home's heating is lost through poor roof insulation. The good news is this problem is relatively easy to fix yourself. All you need to do is purchase some insulation rolls and lay down the material in your loft.

Store your items carefully

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Loft wool works by trapping air in its void and by squashing it, you reduce its effectiveness. It’s best to use something like timber boards to store your items and make sure they are raised above the loft wool.

Use reflective foil behind radiators

Placing reflective foil behind radiators will reflect the heat back into the room rather than allowing it to escape through the walls and windows. If you’re looking for a quick solution, try wrapping a piece of cardboard in foil and placing it behind the radiator.

Use draught excluders

Turning off some of the radiators in rooms you don’t intend on using this winter is a great way to save money. However you’ll want to make sure no cold air from these rooms seeps through to the rest of your home.

Placing draught excluders underneath doors is a great way to stop cold air from escaping especially for those who have internal garages.

Seal openings behind cupboards

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Kitchen cupboards are guilty of letting heat escape the home so it’s definitely worth sealing up any openings that are underneath and behind them. You can use squirty foam or spray foam insulation to fill these openings.

Get your boiler serviced

Quick fixes are great but if you’re really concerned about how efficiently your heating is working then you should consider getting your boiler serviced regularly. This will help make sure your heating is operating safely and smoothly.

For more tips on improving your homes insulation visit NetVoucherCodes’ blog here