Invite to Tweet your pitch perfect books and ideas

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New writers from across the country are being invited this week to tweet their work to a panel of publishers.

The tweet event will take place on Friday (January 6th) and is organised by XpoNorth.

A similar event last January received more than 2500 tweets pitching hundreds of unpublished books.

As a consequence many writers started the New Year with the keen attention of an agent and publisher – and across 2016, books that were pitched on that single day made it onto booksellers’ shelves.

This year, the panel of agents and publishers has been expanded, and the process has been simplified.

All writers have to do is to formulate a pitch for their work in 135 characters or less – the normal 140 character max for tweets minus the tags below which must be added to the pitch tweet – and then tweet it from their own twitter account between 7am and midnight on Friday 6 January 2017.

Organisers will pick up the submissions from the hash tags, and if one or more of our agents or publishers likes the pitch, they’ll make contact with the writer directly.

Add #xpo to the end of your pitch tweet and then add one of the following letters to the end of #xpo which lets the agents and publishers know the type of work you are pitching:

B for fiction

C for children books or YA

N for nonfiction

If a writer doesn’t use the hashtags above the work can’t be considered.

The work pitched must be unpublished and must be the original work of the author.

Any fiction being pitched must be complete. Non-fiction can be at proposal stage.

Don’t add pictures or files to tweets.

If any an agent or publisher contacts a writer about their pitch / work, any subsequent agreements or other communications between them and that party are solely their own responsibility.

Always take advice before making any agreement or signing a contract about your work.

This project is open only to writers living and working in Scotland.

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