‘Isla Lewis’ tie the knot!

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Royal wedding fever led to an impromptu marriage on the picturesque shores of Loch Creran, Scotland yesterday…between two loving otters called Isla and Lewis.

The otters – named after the Isle of Lewis – tied the knot at their home The Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary near Oban, with a ceremony performed by Sanctuary boss Craig Connor.

Staff dressed in their finest waved Union Jack flags during the ceremony and indulged in champagne and a wedding cake – topped with miniature otter bride and groom – after the ceremony.

The only pair of Canadian Otters in Scotland, four year old Isla and Lewis would live up to seven years on average in the wild.

In their sheltered dwelling at the Sanctuary, the otters should live between 15 and 20 years … so were deemed old enough in ‘human years’ to make their lifelong commitment by keeper Alastair Law.

The pair arrived together at the Sanctuary in 2008 and have since been inseparable, with staff noting their couple-esque antics.

“Isla and Lewis have been together for four years and are absolutely inseparable,” said Alastair Law, Operations Manager at the Sanctuary.

“They sleep together in their bed of hay underneath the balcony viewing area which gives them some privacy.

“They do have spats every now then, normally over sharing – or not sharing – their food.

“If you arrive later than normal and after hours Lewis will always come out and ‘answer the door’ first to protect Isla and see who it is.

“It was all the talk about the Royal wedding that prompted the idea, and initially it was just a bit of a joke…but then we thought ‘why not?’

“All the staff brought in wedding outfits for the occasion, and we even had a special ‘fish mulch’ wedding cake made.

“As our pictures show, the ceremony was a huge success” he said.