Kenneth ‘heads’ to Cambodia

Denist Kenneth Macdonald regularly visits Cambodia.
Denist Kenneth Macdonald regularly visits Cambodia.

A DENTIST from Stornoway has gone to Cambodia with some strange hand luggage - 10 handmade heads.

The aid agency that Kenneth Macdonald works there for could not afford so-called phantom heads for dental students to practice on so he made his own.

And the one he built for a few pounds proved so popular and cheap compared to the £1,000 ones normally used in developed countries that they ordered as many as he could make.

Kenneth has been visiting Cambodia at least once a year and sometimes more to carry out voluntary work for the One-2-One Charitable Trust.

It employs six dental nurses who can do simple extractions and it was recently decided to improve their training to take in simple fillings too.

He said: “We needed what is called a phantom head. Students in this country use them to practice on and for cutting cavities. So I made one of these here.

“The aim was to replicate the well-tried professional version but with cheaper materials that were easily replaceable.”

To find out more about Kenneth’s phantom heads and Cambodia visits, check out the full feature in this week’s Stornoway Gazette, out today (Thursday, February 14th).