Life begins at 40

Plans for the 2011 Outer Hebrides school reunion weekend are now well underway, however the organisers are calling out to their classmates to register quickly for the various reunion events which take place on the 22nd and 23rd of April in Stornoway.

Born in 1971, the same year North sea oil production began and the year decimalisation was introduced, those eligible for the reunion will have entered secondary school in 1983. Organisers are keen to get the message out that there is a full programme of events planned over the reunion weekend which has over the last few years become a fixture in the islands social calendar.

This year’s organising committee already have 160 people all booked up, with classmates coming from all over the British Isles and some coming from as far away Portugal and even Castlebay! Organisers however are still anxious to reach those who are denying the fact that they are soon to be 40 and are asking them to confess their age and join in with the party.

Registration forms for the events are available in various shops in Stornoway (Angus Campbell’s, The Tea Room, Underground and Influence on Francis Street. They are also available to download from the reunion website Alternatively, they are asked to please leave a message with Keg on 07887751072.

Lorna Macaulay from the committee said: “We don’t want anyone to miss out because they hadn’t heard about the planned events in April. The Stornoway Gazette reaches all corners of the globe and we hope this final call will reach folk we haven’t already managed to find. We are also relying to an extent on parents and relatives living locally to tell their 40 year old family members to get in touch with us.”