Lose the weight before the Christmas feast

use with healthy weighs - general illustration: no caption
use with healthy weighs - general illustration: no caption

THE popular weight management class Healthy Weighs starts back on Wednesday, November 2 at 5pm in the Lewis Sports Centre – and this is the perfect time to kick start a diet and activity programme in the run up to Christmas!

The sessions are held by a dietitian and a fitness instructor from the sports centre so you can be sure that you will receive expert advice to help you achieve your goals.

It follows a six week cycle which looks at a different topic every week, however, is also flexible to meet the needs of the people in the group.

After the six weeks are over, you can continue to attend the full session and take part in the discussions again or choose to attend the weigh in sessions only. The group is for you and you can use it as you need it.

Sports Centre manager, Tony Wade, comments: “We have had some amazing success stories and people of all ages attend. We have had men and women, and age ranges from 18-80 – anyone who wants help to improve their health by losing a few pounds to a few stones is welcome.”

Island mum Sarah tells one such story having lost two and a half stone in 18 months of joining Health Weighs.

“I had put on an incredible amount of weight within a few years. I was miserable and very aware of how my weight was affecting me, not just physically, but socially too,” she expands.

“I was very aware that as a busy working mum I was not only loosing my confidence and enjoyment of life but was also putting myself at risk of many more serious illnesses and disease.

“The realisation of just how much I needed to change things for the long term encouraged me to join Healthy Weighs.”

Sarah continues: “Healthy Weighs is my life long approach, very simple, achievable and easy to fit in, which as a busy mum it had to be. Although I still have a little bit to go, I have been able to maintain my weight loss for a good length of time.

“These days I don’t diet, instead I eat extremely well, eating the same as my family and exercise regularly. Sometimes we may over indulge but even that’s okay if you learn how to balance your life.

“It’s been invaluable the support and encouragement Healthy Weighs had provided and hopefully others will be encouraged to come along and really go for it once and for all,” she adds.

The Healthy Weighs discussion sessions offer the chance for you to ask questions, specific advice, receive written information and learn about things like healthy eating, food labelling, making healthier choices in your daily life, faddy diets, food and mood, and exercise advice.

It is useful to attend these sessions so that you have the additional knowledge to help you maintain any changes you make and also to identify any difficulties you might be having and seek help at this time.

As Tony Wade explains: “We encourage sustainable lifestyle changes so that you can achieve your goal weight and maintain it long term. The problem with many fad or quick fix diets is that you lose weight quickly, but once you return to your normal habits, it all goes back on and this can cause health problems later in life so we actively discourage this.”

Healthy Weigher Mairi was one such case who over the years had tried various diets and diet classes.

“This is the first one that has given me long-term results,” she says. “The healthy eating plan is so easy to follow and if you do follow it correctly you certainly won’t starve!

“Since starting Healthy Weighs I have achieved the main goal of losing weight, but along with this I have been re-educated in lifestyle changes like healthy eating and fitness as well as enjoying the social aspect of meeting new people, all with the help and support from dietitian Karen France and fitness instructor Janet.”

As well as the programmes discussion sessions, the weigh-in only sessions are useful for those who feel that they need someone to be monitoring their weight on a regular basis and again, you can come as often as you require.

This session runs from 5.45-6pm and your weight will never be given out to the rest of the group, you can be assured of confidentiality – unless you want to share your success with everyone!

For more information about Healthy Weighs enquire at the Lewis Sports Centre or call on 01851 822800.