Maggie MacInnes at the Fringe

FOR one night only singer and clàrsach player, Maggie MacInnes will be presenting a concert of the some of the finest Gaelic songs from the Hebrides accompanied by the wonderful Keyboard and Accordian player, Brian McAlpine (also of the group Session A9) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

On Friday 17th August at 6.45pm at tge Acoustic Music Centre, St Brides Maggie will be preforming ‘Barra and Beyond - songs of the Western Isles’, in what is sure to be an unmissable festival experience.

Born in Glasgow and now living in Ayrshire Maggie thinks of herself as a ‘Glasgow Gael’ as both of her parents are from the small island of Barra. Her parents settled in Glasgow and brought up their family there for the usual reasons of employment. Throughout her childhood, all school holidays were spent on the island and it is still the place where Maggie feels most at home.

She learns most of her Gaelic songs from her mother the highly acclaimed traditional singer, Flora MacNeil. People talk of the Scottish Folk Music Revival of the 1950s and Maggie’s mother was one of the singers at the famous Edinburgh People’s Ceilidh of 1951, but in Maggie’s family there was no need to revive anything as she has an unbroken family tradition in song and storytelling. Her mother was certainly the first in their family to take the songs to the World Stage and Maggie has continued in her footsteps through her great love of these songs and through a desire to let as many people as possible hear this wonderful music and poetry.

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