Motorists still ignoring drink drive warnings

THE disregard shown for the safety of other road users by a hardcore of motorists has been highlighted by figures for the second and final week of the national ACPOS Safer Summer drink and drug driving campaign say Police.

Nine drink drivers were detected by Northern Constabulary in the past seven days, bringing the total for the two week campaign to 20.

No drug drivers were detected during the enforcement initiative.

The dangers involved in drink driving are further highlighted this week in that four of the drink drivers detected were involved in road traffic collisions.

Head of the Force’s Road Policing Unit, Inspector Derek Paterson, said: “Despite the numerous warnings and high profile launch of the campaign, it’s very disappointing to note that a hardcore element of motorists are not taking heed of that warning.

“Those who continue to ignore the law are putting themselves and other road users lives at risk.

“Four of the nine drink drivers detected during the final week of the campaign were involved in collisions. This just shows the total disregard some motorists have for the safety and wellbeing of other people on our roads.”

Inspector Paterson added: “It also shows that Police can’t solve this problem alone. We depend on the ongoing support we receive from the public.

“We would like to reiterate our plea to the public that if they suspect someone is or may be about to get into a vehicle under the influence of drink or drugs, then they should contact Police as quickly as possible.

“Our officers will then endeavour to intercept them and take them off the road.”

Inspector Paterson also said that Northern Constabulary will continue to target those who drink and drive beyond this campaign in a bid to ensure the roads of the Highlands and Islands are as safe as possible.

If you suspect a drink or drug driver, please contact Northern Constabulary on 01463 712222 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.