Music video number two from Bi Beo

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FOLLOWING on from the internet success of their music video ‘Air Chall’ (Lost) with 130,000 visits in one week, Uist Gaelic rockers Bi Beo have released a second instalmentn the youtube sire called ‘Guth Samhach’ (Silent Voice).

As ‘Air Chall’ looked at the terrors and traumas of alcoholism, ‘Guth Samhach’ also focuses on a topical and serious subject as the video and song look at the loss of childhood innocence and the harsh realities of the adult world.

The video also reflects upon the experiences of many young people moving to the mainland after a contained childhood and the universal yearning to express yourself and to find a voice.

Although the song is delivered in the style of rap music, the chorus may remind listeners of Clannad; and the track proves an accessible piece of music that touches on a universal theme, in the Gaelic language with English subtitles.

Speaking about their first online vid ‘Air Chall’ the band say: “Response to the first video has been spread widely across the world, confirming the continuing interest in the language and culture even so delivered in a non-traditional way.

“Comments to the first video have been very positive but there have been some remarks that indicate that some people believe that modern use of Gaelic in this way in undesirable and breaks with tradition, but the band are glad of all comments that are constructive and not personal, and encourage the forum to continue.”

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