Na Mo Chuid Aodaich powering on in Inverness

Na Mo Chuid Aodaich Inverness Script Writer Seonaid NicDhomhnaill.
Na Mo Chuid Aodaich Inverness Script Writer Seonaid NicDhomhnaill.

Pròiseact nan Ealan, together with its partners in Inverness, are delighted to announce that a wonderful new drama script has been commissioned and completed and will have its premier showing as part of the double award winning project, Na Mo Chuid Aodaich as it’s performed at Inverness Royal Academy on Saturday 8th December.

The script, entitled ‘Bana-Phrionnsa ’nan Daoine’, has been written by Seònaid NicDhomhnaill of Inverness.

Seònaid, who is already an acclaimed writer has Lewis and Skye connections and has recently completed a Masters degree in Writing for Stage and Screen.

Chrisella Ross of Point, Lewis, acted as a writing adviser, a role which she has taken on from the beginnings of Na Mo Chuid Aodaich and thus far mentored four new writers in the delivery of a new Gaidhlig script.

Giving a brief synopsis of the script, Seonag said: “Things are not as they should be on Kenneth St, Inverness.

“Beathag MacLeod is preparing to welcome The People’s Princess to her guesthouse Eilean Mo Rùin, when the island relatives appear bringing with them chaos and calamity. Just as poor Beathag thinks she has everything in control, things take a turn for the worse.”

Partnering Proiseact nan Ealan (PNE) for this production are Bord nan Gaidhlig, Comunn na Gàidhlig, Feìsean nan Gàidheal and Clì Gàidhlig with ‘The Archie Foundation’ – a vibrant charity which secures funds to assist in the care of sick children in the Highlands and Islands in Raigmore’s Children’s Ward – being the beneficiary of ticket/raffle sales.

Seonag Anderson of Clì said: “We are delighted to be working on this project alongside the community who on the night will undoubtedly be well entertained between the drama and the fashion show.

“Seonaid has produced a wonderful script which gives an insight into the life of the islanders making a life for themselves in the ‘big city’ of Inverness.”

The evening opens on stage with the drama directed by Dòmhnall ‘Ryno’ Morrison and featuring an all star cast yet to be announced.

At the heart of the evenings is an exhibition of authentic vintage clothing lent by people from the community and celebrated in a catwalk show featuring young people from the area as models.

Na Mo Chuid Aodaich relies on contributions from members of the local communities in which it takes place, and PnE and Clì are appealing to community members who may have clothes from bygone eras hidden away waiting to be given a new lease of life on the catwalk.

The clothes will be well cared for and during the show the stories behind the articles themselves will be recounted, shedding light on the historical significance of the clothes and the people who wore them.

The response thus far has been as overwhelming as it was for the project in previous areas, which inspired community members to contribute iconic clothing from every era of the 20th century, for every occasion and from every class.

The wealth of clothes that were unearthed for the previous projects illuminated much about the lives of the communities of yesterday. From beannags to ball gowns, from croft to catwalk, Na Mo Chuid Aodaich is sure to bring the distinctive style of the Gaels of Inverness to life this Winter.

Any residents who are interested in providing any articles of clothing should contact: Seonag Anderson, Clì Gàidhlig, Inverness, (01463) 226757, or Marisa MacDonald, Productions Manager, Pròiseact nan Ealan, (01851) 704493,