New books at Western Isles Libraries

A complete list of the new books available in February 2012 in the Western Isles Libraries.


BATEMAN, Colin - Nine inches (HM) - Crime

BENNETT, Anne - Far from home - Saga

BRETT, Simon - Guns in the gallery (HM) - Crime

CLEEVES, Ann - The glass room - Crime

ELLIS, Kate - A perfect death - Crime

FEIST, Raymond E. - A crown imperilled - Fantasy

FLYNN, Vince - Kill shot (LM) - Thriller

FORESTER, C.S. - The pursued - General Fiction

GRAFTON, Sue - V is for vengeance - Crime

HALL, Araminta - Everything and nothing - Thriller

HANCOCK, Penny - Tideline (LM) - Thriller

HANNAH, Sophie - Kind of cruel - Crime

HARRIS, Charlaine - Grave sight - Fantasy

HARRIS, Charlaine - A touch a dead: Sookie Stackhouse: the complete stories - Fantasy

HARROD-EAGLES, Cynthia - Country plot - Romance

HARVEY, John - Good bait (HM) - Crime

HILTON, Matt - No going back - Thriller

HOBBS, Peter - In the orchard, the swallows - General Fiction

HOFFMAN, Alice - The dovekeepers - General Fiction

HORAN, Ellen - 31 Bond Street - Historical

KAPUR, Manju - Difficult daughters - Classic Fiction

KELLY, Gerard - The outstanding mysteries of Sherlock Holmes - Historical

KINSELLA, Sophie - I’ve got your number (LM) - General Fiction

KOONTZ, Dean - 77 Shadow Street - Thriller

LELIC, Simon - The child who (LM) - Crime

LEWIS, Susan - Losing you - General Fiction

LOKKO, Lesley - One secret summer - General Fiction

LOKKO, Lesley - A private affair (HM) - General Fiction

MANSELL, Jill - A walk in the park (HM) - General Fiction

McAULEY, Paul J. - The quiet war - Science Fiction

McAULEY, Paul J. - Gardens of the sun - Science Fiction

MCKAY, Shirley - Fate and fortune: a Hew Cullan mystery - Crime

MONTANARI, Richard - The killing room - Thriller

ROBB, J.D. - Celebrity in death - Crime

TOBAR, Hector - The Barbarian nurseries - General Fiction

TORDAY, Paul - The legacy of Hartlepool Hall (HM) - General Fiction

VAIL, Jason - Baynard’s list - Historical

WHATES, Ian - City of light and shadow - Fantasy


BIZONY, Piers - The search for aliens: a rough guide to life on other worlds

MANGUEL, Alberto - The library at night

MALOUF, David - The happy life: the search for contentment in the modern world

DALAI LAMA - Beyond religion: ethics for a whole world

BERKMANN, Marcus - A shed of one’s own: midlife without the crisis

SHILLING, Jane - The stranger in the mirror: a memoir of middle age

COHEN, Nick - You can’t read this book: censorship in an age of freedom

ROBBINS, Christopher - Air America: the explosive true story of the CIA’s secret airline

KIYOSAKI, Robert T. - Rich dad, poor dad: what the rich teach their kids about money-that the poor and middle class do not!

BERGIN, Tom - Spills and spin: the inside story of BP

MUELLER, Tom - Extra virginity: the sublime and scandalous world of olive oil

SUMMERS, Anthony - Official & confidential: the secret life of J. Edgar Hoover

CARROLL, Peter - Gurkha: the true story of a campaign for justice

GOODLEY, Heloise - An officer and a gentlewoman

DANZIGER, Danny - Sub: real life on board with the hidden heroes of the Royal Navy’s silent service

BUTLER, Daniel Allen - ‘Unsinkable’: the full story of RMS Titanic

CARNAC, James Willoughby - The autobiography of Jack the Ripper

MULGREW, Gary - Gang of one

FARRINGTON, Karen- Great Victorian railway journeys

WOODCOCK, Joan - Matron on call: more true stories of a 1960s nurse

WILLIS, Kimberly - The little book of diet help: truth, tips and therapy for a slimmer, happier you


PEARSE, Emma - Sophie: dog overboard, the incredible true adventures of the castaway dog

WHITEHEAD, Sarah - Clever dog: the secrets your dog wants you to know


ZILLI, Aldo - Fresh & green: over 100 exciting new vegetarian recipes

BROWN, Catherine - Scottish seafood: its history and cooking

HONEY and preserves

DRUCKERMAN, Pamela - French children don’t throw food

GORDON, Maggi McCormick - Quilting step by step

MCLEAN, Andrea - Confessions of a good girl

AITCHISON, James - Foraging: new and selected poems

CANETTI, Elias - Kafka’s other trial: the letters to Felice

HOLLAND, Robert - Blue-water empire: the British in the Mediterranean since 1800

WICKS, Robert - The world’s great adventure motorcycle routes: the essential guide to the greatest motorcycle rides in the world

HART, Eva - A girl aboard the Titanic: a survivor’s story

CANETTI, Elias - The voices of Marrakesh: a record of a visit

LYMAN, Robert - Operation Suicide: the remarkable story of the Cockleshell raid

THORBURN, Gordon - No need to die: American flyers in RAF bomber command

WAITE, Charles - Survivor of the long march

BROWN, Chris - Scotland on the frontline: a photographic history of Scottish forces, 1939-45

SOMERSET, Anne - Queen Anne: the politics of passion, a biography

GREGORY, Philippa - The women of the cousins’ war: the Duchess, the Queen and the King’s mother

JACOBITZ, Helmut - We were Berliners: from Weimar to the Wall

PALMER, James - The death of Mao: the Tangshan earthquake and the birth of the new China

FRENCH, Patrick - India: a portrait

GREAVES, Adrian - Forgotten battles of the Zulu War

MURPHY, Victoria - Sixty glorious years: our Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee, 1952-2012

PATERSON, Michael - A brief history of the private life of Elizabeth II

HENDRICKSON, Paul - Hemingway’s boat: everything he loved in life, and lost, 1934-1961


MCGOWAN, Iain - Portrait of the Hebrides: a journey to Scotland’s western seaboard and beyond


WEST HIGHLAND FREE PRESS - Mod memories: four decades of pure nostalgia: Cuimhneachain bhon a’ Mhod

LAOICH nan oran: Heroes of song: A collection of bardachd from North Lochs, Isle of Lewis

NICLEOID, Norma - Suthainn sior