New collection for Breanish Tweed

Lewis based Breanish Tweed, which uses luxury yarns such as cashmere, lambswool and Shetland wool for their traditional hand-woven cloth, have just released their Autum-Winter 2012/13 collection entitled ‘Heritage.’

Iain F Macleod, managing director of the company, which recently won the Balvenie Masters of Craft Award for Textiles, says: “As well as some very wearable designs, we have included some individual patterns which reinforce our house style and use of colour.”

The family firm in the north of Lewis was visited recently by Simon Crompton from the Permanent Style blog.

He will be including Breanish Tweed in a book he is publishing featuring the best of menswear - from bespoke shoe makers and Savile Row tailors to leather workers and cashmere spinners.

They also spent time with him designing the ‘Permanent Style’ tweed, which they will be weaving over the next couple of months.

Iain revealed: “We have noted renewed interest in the desire of customers to weave their own bespoke tweeds - and we offer a unique service to weave 12m of a bespoke tweed for clients.”