New country, new job, new start

MANY of us dream about making a fresh start in our lives – to do something new and to take on a new challenge in a new country. But few of us are actually brave enough to make it happen.

The latest Trusadh documentary – ‘Urachadh – New Start’ – however tells four very different stories from four very different people as they head out to the unknown to make a new start in Thailand, Vietnam, Europe and Australia.

In these days with easy access to all corners of the world, it’s not uncommon for people to head off for a short while, travelling and experiencing a new culture and way of life, only to return home and carry on with life and the comforts and familiarity of their home surroundings.

It takes a far greater level of commitment through to leave all that behind and become part of a new community in a foreign land, far from family, friends and a normal working life – exactly what these four intrepid individuals from Scotland have done.

BBC ALBA’s Trusadh follows Eilidh MacLeod, originally from the Isle of Lewis who was working as a radio producer in Inverness, as she decides to take a year out and head for Hanoi in Vietnam to experience a new way of life.

Also featuring in the programme is the journey of Deirdre Mactaggart, from Islay originally, who was living and working in Aberdeen with a busy career as a Senior Lecturer and Course Leaders for Tourism, Hospitality, Retail and Events at Robert Gordon University.

Her husband Jim’s work in the oil industry opened up an opportunity to experience life abroad, and they moved to Bangkok in Thailand.

Ex-fisherman, John Gilbertson from Broadford on the Isle of Skye, at the age of 52, decided to leave island life behind and cycle round the world.

Travelling through Europe and then east to Asia and Australia, using a combination of cycling and tarns-continental flights, he looks to meet as many Skye folk as possible on his travels and raise money for local charities.

And Animator and art critic Catriona Black, along with her husband Julian and children, Calum and Anna, moved from Edinburgh to Holland to start afresh in a new country. The show catches up with them in the small town of Santpoord-Noord, close to Amsterdam, where Julian, a philosophy lecturer, now works.

Each of the four have different reasons for making their massive leap into the unknown, and making that difficult decision to change direction.

But they are all driven with the same desire – the start their lives afresh.

‘Urachadh – New Start’ will be aired on Monday, April 16, on BBC ALBA at 9pm.