New range of Gaelic books for Scottish schools

Bramhall Publishing is launching a new range of bi-lingual Gaelic books, helping school children throughout Scotland to learn the language.

The first book in the series, Madaidhean-allaidh air Feadh an Aite! (Wolves Everywhere!) is now available, and has been supported by the Gaelic Books Council, who have described the books as ‘an excellent educational tool’.

This title is set against a stunning watercolour backdrop inspired by the Highlands and Islands. The gently humorous story, in both English and Gaelic, allows young readers to absorb the language with ease.

The book combines fundamental lessons in language with beautiful, detailed, colour illustrations that will captivate young children. The illustrations explain and support the message in the text.

The story follows the adventures of one wolf, and then grows gradually to become a whole pack of wolves, getting up to a lot of mischief along the way. The story of the wolves becomes intertwined with that of the Owl and the Pussycat. It teaches numbers from one to 12, while demonstrating increasingly complex sentence construction. Significantly, it includes a pronunciation guide, allowing children and adults to overcome this first hurdle. It will enchant young minds and stimulate their creativity while teaching the fundamental building blocks of Gaelic.

The books were written and illustrated by sisters Jana and Milena Synek. They build on the success of the Petit Loup series, which is already engaging children in the joy of learning French.

Jana Synek says, “I have always been passionate about language, and have a desire for children to grow up with a chance to share that passion; Gaelic has a beauty with few rivals and deserves to be preserved. Madaidhean-allaidh air Feadh an Aite! is a unique way of combining these elements and of helping to give Scottish youngsters a firm understanding and love of their language and culture.”

To order a copy of Madaidhean-allaidh air Feadh an Aite! (Wolves Everywhere!)visit the website or send an email to