New Services available at Ravenspoint

The community shop at Ravenspoint, South Lochs, run by Co-Chomunn na Pairc on behalf of the community, has recently extended the range of goods and services provided. A Christmas newsletter has been sent to all local households and members giving details:

A much wider range of fish, prepared meals, frozen and fresh vegetables following installation last month of new chiller and freezer display cabinets.

Introduction of ‘Chip Shop Suppers’ every Friday evening for takeaway or sit-in meals in the new cafe – the first such evening last Friday was a great success, with 69 suppers being sold between 4 and 7.30pm, and queues of people.

Special theme food evenings, starting on Friday 20th January with an Asian Meal Buffet.

A good range of Christmas presents, cards, and seasonal fare in the cafe in the run up to Christmas.

The Co-Chomunn are now canvassing local opinion on the idea of a fuel pump at Ravenspoint – the nearest facility at present is some 15 miles away. Households have been sent a questionnaire asking them how much petrol and diesel they might buy if fuel were available, how many wasted journeys to fill up their tanks they would save each month, and what would be the main factors determining how often they would buy fuel at Ravenspoint.

John Randall, chairman of Co-Chomunn na Pairc, said: “We have made great strides to improve the services offered at Ravenspoint in 2011 and we want to build on this next year. I should like to thank everyone in the local community, and further afield, who has made this possible: particularly our hard-working staff, volunteers, and all our customers.”

Details of the services are available on a new bilingual website or by phoning Ravenspoint on 01851 880236.