Nicolson Notes

Pupils recently took part in a feedback panel with teachers.
Pupils recently took part in a feedback panel with teachers.


Congratulations to all pupils from The Nicolson Institute who will represent the Western Isles in the Gotland 2017 Games.

Pupils have been selected as a result of hard training and exceptional performance in their respective sports.

Some pupils were on the squad for the Jersey Games in 2015, whereas for others it will be their first time competing in the event. Best of luck to everyone in the final few months of training.

Athletics Sian Macdonald (S3), Eilidh Macleod (S6), Andrew Horne (S6)

Swimming Lucienne Doig (S4), Isla Budge (S4), Katie Murray (S4), Matthew Hanlon (S3)

Men’s Football Luke Mackay (S6), Angus Macdonald (S6)

Women’s Football Mary Macleod (S5), Shana Macphail (S4)


Pupils undertaking the Engineering Skills for Work course recently went on a trip to the Lews Castle College (UHI).

The focus of the visit was to explore options for those who wish to continue their studies in Engineering.

The pupils visited three departments: Engineering, Maritime and Construction.

In the Engineering department they were shown the resources available and given examples of some projects and techniques that would be undertaken during the first year of the course.

They were shown an example of the written work that was required and were also given the opportunity to speak to some of the current students about the work, college life and how it differed from being in school.

From there the group moved to Maritime, to discuss employment opportunities for those who complete the course, and finally to Construction, which covered a range of topics including plumbing, woodworking, painting & decorating and masonry.

Overall the visit was a great success, and pupils were able to learn about further education opportunities, available to them on their doorstop, as well as the potential careers offered by each of the different areas.


As part of the regular Learning Journals programme of teachers’ professional development sessions, senior pupils were invited to form a panel and give their view on key issues within the school. For example, they were asked about their time in the Broad General Education (S1-S3) and whether they felt it prepared them for the Senior Phase (S4-S6).

They also gave their opinion on the number of subjects available in S3 and S4, and discussed their individual learning styles.

One useful comment was that pupils felt they could spend even more time preparing for the world of work, which is certainly something the school will look at.

The picture above shows the pupils taking part in the session.

This is the third time senior pupils had participated in such an event and teachers are very grateful to the pupils for giving up their time, and preparing so thoroughly.

Their views were very insightful and certainly of interest to both senior management and teachers.