October reminder for paper tax returns

HM REVENUE & Customs (HMRC) is reminding anyone sending their 2011/2012 tax return on paper that they need to do so by the October 31st deadline, if they want to avoid a penalty.

Paper tax returns received on or after November 1st will result in a £100 penalty – even if there is no tax to pay or the tax due is paid on time.

Additional daily penalties of £10 per day will be imposed after three months past the deadline for non-returned tax papers.

Every year around 55,000 people in the Highlands and Islands are have to file a Self Assessment return.

If you’re not able to submit a paper return by the end of the month, you can avoid a late-filing penalty by sending your return online by January 31st.

As well as having an extra three months to file, if you file online you tax is calculated automatically and your tax return is processed faster, so any money you’re owed is repaid more quickly.

Registering for HMRC Online Services is simple – just go to www.hmrc.gov.uk/online

And for general help and advice on completing your tax return, visit www.hmrc.gov.uk/sa or call the Self Assessment helpline on 0845 9000 444.