West Beach in Berneray is placed third in Lonely Planet's top 20 beaches worldwide.

West Beach, BernerayWest Beach, Berneray
West Beach, Berneray
It’s just another feather in the cap of the Western Isles, which have many reasons to visit, the beaches simply being one of them.

No matter your taste in beach, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

From the wild, wind-lashed shores of the Atlantic coast to mountain-fringed Arctic bays where whales raise their tails, and the sunlit, snuggled-away coves of Italy and Greece, travel guides Lonely Planet have just announced their top 20.

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And, the Western Isles have not disappointed taking the prestigious third place with our very own West Beach on Berneray.

Here’s what Lonely Planet had to say about it: “Out on a limb in the wild North Atlantic, the Outer Hebrides stash away some of Europe’s remotest beaches. Singling one out is tough, but West Beach on the wee isle of Berneray is divine. Through dunes and wind-bent machair grasses, you reach this ravishing three-mile expanse of white sand, sliding gently into a turquoise sea. It’s often empty but for seabirds trilling overhead and the occasional porpoise or otter.”

And it’s a well-deserved win. Some of the finest beaches in the UK can be found dotted around the islands, and even when restrictions are finally lifted, you might well be the only person on them. Just looking at the images, many have mistakenly assumed they were taken in the Caribbean, with sparkling white sands, and weed-free gently sloping turquoise waters. It’s no surprise the lure of such beauty would feature in so many travel guides, and be the subject for many photographers.