Partners want to ensure a safe and secure Belladrum 2012

(L-R): Graham Robertson from HIFRS, Acting Chief Inspector Archie Henderson, David Haas, Inverness City Manager, and Karen Carson from Health Promotions at NHS Highland.
(L-R): Graham Robertson from HIFRS, Acting Chief Inspector Archie Henderson, David Haas, Inverness City Manager, and Karen Carson from Health Promotions at NHS Highland.

MULTI-agency partners (Northern Constabulary, NHS Highland, Highland Council, Scottish Ambulance Service, the British Red Cross and Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership) want Belladrum 2012 festival goers to have a safe and secure event.

The boutique festival takes place at Belladrum Estate, Beauly over the weekend of 3-5 August and is expected to attract around 15,000 daily, with the vast majority of attendees camping for the weekend.

The festival is now in its ninth year and has become nationally recognised as the pre-eminent family festival in Scotland.

In this regard, all the agencies are keen to reassure the public that the necessary measures are in place to maximise public safety at this year’s event.

He said: “Belladrum 2012 is a sell out and the policing effort will be geared towards ensuring that revellers enjoy themselves, without compromising their own or other’s safety.

“As with Rockness, we will be employing our tried and tested community based approach to policing, which has served us well at similar events in the past.

“There is a different crowd dynamic at Belladrum, given the fact there are more families and a wider age range of attendees, however, we cannot afford to be complacent and we will deal robustly with any instances of disorder, anti-social behaviour or drug misuse.”

Acting Chief Inspector Henderson urges revellers not to drink to excess during the weekend and risk spoiling the event for themselves or others.

Any instances of anti-social behaviour will be dealt with by Police or stewards. Those engaging in this type of behaviour will be ejected or in the more serious cases arrested.

He said: “Belladrum is a family orientated festival which has proved to be a very pleasurable experience for attendees and we want to ensure that the minority do not spoil it for the majority.”

Police will adopt a pro-active approach to drugs at the event and again members of the public are asked to report any instances of drug dealing or suspicious activity to the nearest Police officer.

Due to the ever changing Highland climate Police would also advise revellers to bring suitable clothing for all types of weather to protect them from the wet, cold or heat depending on what the weekend brings.

On a final note Acting Chief Inspector Henderson added: “We hope this year’s Belladrum festival is as successful as previous years and Northern Constabulary and its partner agencies will be there to promote and maximise public safety. We want revellers to make the most of their weekend, have fun and stay safe.”

And Nigel Stafford from British Red Cross said: “Belladrum is an event that attracts a wide range of festival goers. All the agencies that work together to make the event a success want everyone to go home at the end of the weekend having had a fantastic time.

“People who are attending are asked to consider the weather and take appropriate clothing and footwear. It gets very cold at night, especially if it rains, so take something to keep you dry if it does rain.

“Drink plenty of water – dehydration is a common problem at festivals. Keep an eye on your friends, especially if they have been overdoing it. If you feel unwell, go to one of the First Aid Posts and get help.”