Peter’s Patter - Father Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching and in our household the burning question is what do we get my dad this year?

As he gets older it gets more difficult to find the right present.

I thought I had it cracked the last few years when I managed to get him reading books. He soon became a fan of the ‘Jack Reacher’ novels and every year I made sure he had the latest hardback edition.

What was typical of my Dad was that he would give me the book back every Easter and call me a cheapskate for buying him a book that I wanted for myself.

If that was the case I would have bought him the most expensive laptop I could afford!

Sadly there are no Jack Reacher novels available this year so I am going to have to wrack my brains to find the right present.

If only he was like mum. A quick trip to M and Co. and her present is sorted, although I suspect my mum is like everyone else’s and would say it was wonderful no matter how awful it was.

After all she did teach us to send the gift receipts with all her presents!

My dad is from the ‘don’t bother with me’ brigade so doesn’t exactly give me any clues.

I could go down the sentimental route and buy him presents to remind him of his youth but it turns out he got a penny whistle and an orange for his 10th birthday.

I also used to get him gadgets but now he has everything from a quick tyre inflator to a key holder that lights up when you go to open the door.

He has a remote that works all his TV’s and recorders which he keeps in the Velcro pouch attached to the foot stool, all Christmas gifts from me.

He also watches TV wearing polo shirts that I have bought him over the years. They only thing I didn’t buy him was his underwear, you have to draw the line somewhere but I am now totally stumped.

He would probably be happy with 40 pound coins so that he could run amok in the pound shops.

He just loves a bargain, razors; batteries; tape; glue and even tins of Fray Bentos, if they only cost £1 then my dad is having them.

Do you know what? I think the common denominator here is that no matter what I buy my dad, he ends up loving it so that has made my mind up for me and I am going to buy him a Kindle Fire tablet. Maybe that way the kids will finally get Wi-Fi at their granda’s house?