Peter’s Patter - Wake Me Up

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How is it possible that my daughter, who has been living away at her student flat for two months now, could be responsible for ruining my sleep?

How could someone who is tucked up in bed 500 miles away in Glasgow possibly wake someone who is renowned for sleeping through 100 mile an hour storms? Well let me explain.

For two months I have been woken up by a loud beep. There was no regular pattern as it happened at any time between 1 and 3 in the morning and on any night of the week.

At first I woke and shot bolt upright trying to think what the noise was.

It was just a loud single beep, loud enough to wake me up but not continuous enough to help track the source of the beep.

At first I thought it must be part of a dream. Just like the dream we all have when we are running then suddenly trip and wake up with a disorientating shock.

I was too sleepy eyed to do anything other than fall back to sleep but then it happened again, and again, and again.

The longer this went on the more I could not get back to sleep and by the end of the first month I was even waking up before the beep in the hope that I would hear the beep, find the beep and destroy the beep! Yes, I was slowly but surely turning insane!

Then I started to blame my wife, telling her that it must be her alarm clock.

The look on her face was enough to realise I was treading thin ice with that one so my attention turned to my other daughter who sleeps in the bedroom next to ours.

For days I was unconvinced by her claims that she doesn’t have her alarm set wrong and was ready to snuggle down in a sleeping bag outside her room just to prove it but then luck came my way!

That night the beep became a double beep! The first beep woke me up as usual but the second beep was followed by a yellow flash from the unit across from my wife’s side of the bed.

I stumbled round my bed and saw that it came from her mobile phone. I picked it up and the screen came alive and there on the screen was a little icon of our daughter Lisa with a message below saying:

“Congratulate Lisa. She has just got a new high score at Cooking Mama!”

Congratulate my insomniac, game addicted, daughter who woke me up from over 500 miles away every other day for two months? Wait till she comes home!