Public meeting on Ravenspoint future

ravenspoint cafe
ravenspoint cafe

Following the announcement of substantial funding from Big Lottery Fund, CnES, and HIE to extend and improve the community-owned former school building at Ravenspoint, Co-Chomunn na Pairc have convened an important public meeting at 7.30pm on Friday 4th March.

a Public meeting to focus on Ravenspoint future

This will update and receive feedback from the South Lochs community on:

Progress with the extension project, which is now well under way with a planned completion date this summer.

The results of the questionnaire survey carried out last September about the importance of and improvements needed to the services provided at Ravenspoint.

Ideas for new initiatives, for example home deliveries and joint shopping/lunch excursions for local residents to Ravenspoint.

Opportunities for supplying more locally-produced food and other products through the community shop and tea-room.

Opportunities for organising home-based Gaelic and other courses in the community on the model of the West of Ireland.

Changes planned to the constitution of Co-Chomunn na Pairc to encourage more members and greater involvement in the running of Ravenspoint.

The Board of Co-Chomunn na Pairc are encouraging as many local people as possible to attend and contribute their ideas and views on future priorities.

Chairman John Randall said: “With this vote of confidence from the funding bodies, there is now a great opportunity not only to improve what we do at Ravenspoint but ensure that the whole community play a more central role in helping to decide what further changes should be made in the future.

“We wish to become a more responsive and accountable organisation, working closely with other groups in the community.”

Pictured above is the Ravenspoint cafe one of the many new developments at the centre.