Reduction in driving offences during recent ACPOS campaign

NORTHERN Constabulary are welcoming the results of the recent ACPOS day of action in comparison with results in an identical campaign, targeting mobile phone use and wearing of seatbelts, early last year, in the Highlands and Islands.

The ACPOS day of action, which took place on Wednesday, September 12th, saw a total of nine drivers caught using their mobile phones whilst driving.

One of those detected was a lorry driver, who will be reported to the Traffic Commissioner as part of the recent introduction of the Memorandum of Understanding, which will see those committing such offences whilst driving for work purposes face further repercussions, such as suspension of their LGV or PCV licence.

These figures, when compared to the total detected using their mobile phones during the ACPOS campaign on 28 February 2011 which saw 19 caught, is approximately a 50% reduction in motorists using mobile phones.

Acting Inspector Norman Macleod of Northern Constabulary’s Road Policing Unit said: “It is encouraging to see that of over 5,000 motorists observed during the one-day campaign, nine were found to be using their mobile phones in comparison with 19 detected during last year’s campaign. That being said, nine detected is nine too many.”

Seeing a more drastic decrease though was those caught not wearing seatbelts which saw 11 caught on Wednesday in comparison with 47 last year; Acting Inspector Macleod went on to say: “I am delighted to see that so many more drivers and passengers are wearing their seatbelts this year in contrast with last.

“However, it is beyond belief that today there are still drivers and passengers out there that do not wear seatbelts, the message is clear and simple, in a collision it could be the one thing that saves your life.”

He concluded: “On the whole, more motorists appear to be listening to the messages that we, and all our neighbouring Forces, are saying time again that mobile phone use is dangerous and can be contributing factor to road traffic collisions and that wearing seatbelts can ultimately save your life.

“As encouraged as I am with this downward trend, I hope it will continue until we reach zero for both offences.”