Retiree hopes to be a Granny au-pair

German Theresia Bolz hopes to find a Hebridean family looking for a 'Granny' au-pair.
German Theresia Bolz hopes to find a Hebridean family looking for a 'Granny' au-pair.

In a bid to ‘make a dream come true’ German resident Theresia Bolz is hoping that a family in the Western Isles will take up her services as a ‘Granny au-pair’ this year.

Like many retired people whose children have grown and flown the nest, Theresia is keen to broaden her own horizons – and has her sights firmly set on the Outer Hebrides.

“I’ve always wanted to spend a year in an English speaking country, but because of my husband’s job and the family, it didn’t work,” Theresia explained.

“As my husband still has one year to work and the children have already left the house (three boys, aged 34, 32, 25) I’d like to make a dream of mine come true now; now I’m free to ‘immerse’ into British everyday life; perhaps as a granny au-pair?”

For over ten years Theresia has visited the UK capital in London twice a year, but is now wishing to experience the “smooth, quiet life, away from the hustle of a city.”

And having visited the islands once while on holiday with friends, she hopes to be able to make an extended return.

Theresia continued: “I once spent a wonderful holiday on the Isle of Lewis. The people I met there were extremely friendly and helpful and the landscape – wonderful!

“I’m 62, still full of energy and it’s a pity that my children have grown so fast! So I’m looking for a family with kids, where I can give a helping hand wherever it’s needed.

“As a granny au-pair I only need lodgings and board and being accepted as a member of the family; although now and then, of course, I may need a long weekend to pay my husband a ‘flying visit’,” she added.

An active ‘granny’ Theresia’s hobbies include cycling, hiking, travelling, reading, theatre, classical music, gardening and ‘being together with friends’.

And if there is a family out there who would welcome Theresia into their home, she would be able to start au-pair work on October 1st this year, with a view to staying six to nine months.

If you are interested in finding out more about Theresia or wish to offer her a place in your home, please contact here via email on; by phone on 0049 911 543922 or 0049 160 8594225; or you can write to her at: Theresia Bolz, Eisenmannstr.19, D-90482 Nürnberg, Germany.