Riches to Rags, the tale of Count Mirrlees


THE story of one of the Western Isles’ most memorable former lairds who died this year is told on BBC ALBA tonight.

‘Trusadh: Count Robin – Uachdaran Bhearnaraigh’ explores the life and times of Count Robin de la Lanne Mirrless, aristocratic owner of Great Bernera, who died almost penniless in June at the island’s tiny care home.

The documentary follows journalist Iain X Maciver as he hears some of the Count’s more colourful accounts, from his early years in the European Royal set and claimant to a principality in Dalmatia, to the time he inspired one of Iain Flemming’s James Bond characters in the novel ‘On His Majesty’s Secret Service’.

Featuring contributions from the island community where he came to live, and which he purchased ‘on a whim’ in the 1960s, the show forms a fitting tribute to a man whose 87 year old Riches to Rags journey never extinguished his joie de vivre.

‘Trusadh: Count Robin’ will screen tonight (Monday, August 27th) at 9pm.