Riding along the spine of the Hebrides for charity

The group take a breather from their cycle at roughly the mid-point in their journey at Harris.
The group take a breather from their cycle at roughly the mid-point in their journey at Harris.

Three men cycled the length of the Outer Hebrides this month to raise awareness and fund-raise for prostate cancer in memory of their uncle.

Stephen Henry’s tragic death prompted his three nephews, Stewart Robertson, David and Jonathan Gordon, to endure an island long cycle to raise awareness.

Stephen had been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in May 2012 and passed away with his family at his bedside on April 11th, 2013.

The initial idea for the cycle had been a trip in support of Stephen during his illness, with the trio planning to drop in to visit him on the way. After his death, the family had wanted to scrap the whole idea.

However, another of Stephen’s nephews volunteered to join in, and with the support of the family, it was decided to continue with the trip, this time in memory of Stephen and to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK along the way.

Stephen’s daughter Susie said: “Not only have they touched families and friends hearts they have raised awareness of this terrible disease along the way!”

Jonathan’s wife Jenny also joined the island long challenge and the weekend before the big cycle ran the Edinburgh Half Marathon.

Jonathan’s favourite part of the cycle was from Castlebay on Barra to South Uist as he has ‘great memories’ of running the ‘Barrathon’ with his wife.

They started their long cycle from Castlebay on June 2nd, and arrived at the Butt of Lewis, a journey of over 160 miles, a mere five days later.

For three amateur cyclists this proved a challenging but nonetheless impressive feat of endurance. The cycle from Callanish to Butt of Lewis was the most ‘gritty’ bit of cycling any of them had attempted before.

They had originally hoped to raise £2,000 between them but have so far managed to raise a staggering current running total of £3,343.27, and with money still coming in they now hope to break the £4k mark .

After they finished their cycle, the first thing they did was celebrate with champagne at the Butt of Lewis.

Jonathan said: “It was a great relief to arrive at the lighthouse and very emotional.

“It was lovely to see our Aunt Dorothy and Cara there and we opened a bottle of champagne that Stephen had bought sometime ago and had kept for a special occasion.”