Rotary Club bring into focus work of Vision Aid

STORNOWAY Rotarians are calling Western Isles residents to help them help the world to see as this month they embark upon a fundraising project in support of international charity Vision Aid Overseas.

The Rotary Club Stornoway are looking for people to donate not only funds, but also any old spectacles which maybe lying around and thought to be unusable.

However, considering that ten percent of the world’s population are visual impaired just because the haven’t access to prescription glasses, the worth of an old pair of specs suddenly comes into sharp focus.

Rotary member and Stornoway optometrist Claire Whyman expands: “Many of the visual impairments suffered by people in third world countries are similar to those in the UK, but the results are dramatically different.

“If a child has trouble reading the blackboard at school and has no access to corrective glasses then they are unable to get an education. If a 40 year old finds their sight is starting to go – they have trouble threading a needle for example or focusing on close up tasks – then they face the very real situation of not being able to work and therefore are unable to feed their family.”

It is in such situations that the work of Vision Aid Overseas – a charity dedicated to transforming access to eye care services in developing countries – becomes invaluable.

And one of the easiest ways to help is to donate any old spectacles – giving someone the opportunity of a new lease of life.

If you would like to help the local Rotarians help others to see, keep a sharp eye out for collection boxes which are now in a number of local shops and businesses, including Stornoway Library and The Nicolson Institute, Charles MacLeod Butcher, Events, Ken MacDonald Lawyers and RMK Financial, as well as at Stornoway Dental Centre and Claire’s own optometist business.

The collection drive will end on Tuesday, April 3rd. And for a more in-depth look at how Vision Aid Overseas uses old glasses, see this week’s Stornoway Gazette.