Searching for a good night’s sleep?

WHAT is stopping Britain from getting a good night’s sleep? That’s the question that a new BBC One series aims to uncover, but show makers need your help.

The two-part prime-time series ‘Goodnight Britain’ will explore the nation’s sleeping habits and attempt to improve a selection of serious sleep disorders as a team of sleep experts travel round the UK, offering people advice and treatment for an array of sleep issues.

And show-makers are looking for people who suffer from sleep disorders to step forward and take part in the series – and with each contributor receiving a bespoke treatment, in their own homes, from the expert team, they will hopefully start achieving the high quality sleep they’ve been craving.

Assistant Producer, Liban Mohamed, expands: “We are looking for people who suffer from a variety of sleep conditions and disorders. They may have had their sleep disrupted due to shift work, through a partner’s heavy snoring or simply cannot fall asleep as well as they would like.

“These people could be suffering from a selection of sleep disorders ranging from insomnia and snoring to sleepwalking, circadian rhythm disorder and night time eating syndrome.

“We need people whose lack of a good night’s sleep is significantly affecting their lives, and their family’s lives, and they would be willing to follow expert advice to finally put an end to their sleepless nights.”

If you would like to find out more, are interested in taking part and wish to follow expert advice to tackle sleepless nights, then email your contact details and a description of your sleep disorder to and a member of the production team will get in touch.